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N F for LMR400 cable

  Product Description

N series connector is a kind of threaded connection with low power. It widely applies to radio equipments and instruments for connecting RF coaxial cables. It can exchange with the international like product.
1. Electrical Characteristics:
1. Characteristic Impedance: 50Ω
2. Frequency Range: 0-11GHz
3. Contact Resistance:
i. Inner conductor: ≤1.0mΩ
ii. Outer conductor: ≤0.2 mΩ
4. Insulation Resistance: ≥5000MΩ
5. VSWR: ≤1.30
6. Durability: 500 cycles
2. Material and Finishing:
1. Center Contact:
a) Pin-------brass, gold or silver plated
b) Jack------Phosphor bronze or beryllium bronze, gold or silver plated
2. Body and other metal parts: brass, nickel or ternary alloy plated
3. Insulator: PTFE
4. Gasket: Silicone Rubber